<b>D' Steel(e)</b> <em>Society of Poetics</em>: August 2006

D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Monday, August 28, 2006


John Mark Karr

a lot of legal problems

John Mark Karr

what is it with John Mark Karr?

John Mark Karr

E Harmony (dot) Com, log on today

John Mark Karr

Head-On, applied directly to the forehead

Head-On, applied directly to the forehead

John Mark Karr

confessed killer

John Mark Karr

your DNA won't do

-by TMC (with input from JDP)

Saturday, August 26, 2006


effing up.
angry & blue.
sad times two.

havoc in my head.
watch from within.
regret in advance.

rein yourself in.

don't lash out.
or cause pain.
fret about it.

don't forget about it.

Thursday, August 24, 2006

Poetic Explaination for Why Squirrels Climb Trees

And so it was

in the time of squirrel

squirrel climbed a tree

in the time of squirrel

and so it was

Tuesday, August 22, 2006

Sweeter than the flesh of tart apples

comme je descendais
ne me sentis plus
des peaux-rouges
les couleurs

de cotons anglais
ces tapages
je voulais

les clapotements
l'autre hiver
les peninsules
subi tohu-bohus

la tempete
un bouchon

dark love

Living in the shadows,
must and moisture hang in the air,
crickets drown in half empty glasses,
spiders nest in corners,
and the bodies rest,
A dark love creeps in from all directions

Monday, August 21, 2006

all points of the compass nile disease

mosquitoes humming
feel the wind from their wings
they're coming
slurping blood from legs and... arms

know them from old
ducking, swerving, feasting
they leave when it's... not warm

success in numbers
corpses litter the floor
chewing on ankles
they died


Sunday, August 20, 2006

Epitaph for Camel-Mule

A squealing girl

you fall to the floor

your vital organs ripped apart

like 2 horny dogs

at the park

RIP Cammule (2006-2006)

Fused at the hip, they once were
but then they fell into a disheveled heap
Splinters splayed on the linolium floor
Rachel's tears, Cammule's only consolation

Dropping with the weight of an atomic bomb
Eviscerated on impact
there is no milk for the Cammule
but only a dense thud

Those heartless murderers
who conspired to bring down the Cammule
Redemption is no longer an option

And with this, I say farewell Cammule
Watching over us with Zeus, our one true god
I will tell future generations of your bravery, compassion, and flavor
The halls of time adorned with your likeness

a word to the wise

arts writers grant program
there are those who
may be (maybe/mebbe)
of using this to their advantage

Saturday, August 19, 2006

Too Dos

1. follow a diamond from a mine to a finger

2. jobs fall through for me often, leaving me with only a dime

3. simple communication makes me happy

4. I will just stand here kicking a rock thinking, "it might be true"

5. write and direct Stupid Movie I

6. continue beerdc.com

7. scheme

8. I can tell what time of day it is by where people are on the sidewalk

9. Tequila-ria in St Louis Airport has absolutely terrible service

Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 14, 2006. Twelve instructions for a conceptual/site-specific performance/living/sound temporary sculpture to be executed at Mozart's during the Danielle Steele Literary Society meeting on the evening of August 15, 2006: (1) The sculpture is a time-based piece; (2) It commences at 7:00 PM and terminates at 10:00 PM, no matter when or whether these instructions are read; (3) The sculpture will be composed of an indeterminate number of participants in the Danielle Steele Literary Society meeting and their guests sitting around a table at Mozart's drinking beer or drinking something else or not drinking; (4) Each and every action or omission of each and every Participant is part of the sculpture whether consistent with or in violation of these instructions; (5) All space within 15 feet in any direction measured from any point on the surface of the 'central meeting table' is the site of the piece; (6) The central meeting table is defined as the table at which Casey Smith sits. During the duration of the piece, if Casey Smith leaves the table for any reason, the radius of the piece shall shift with his movement; (7) Participants may smoke, but any Participant may ask a smoker not to smoke. The smoker's response shall be improvised on the spot; (8) Participants may eat food ordered from Mozart's, but not food ordered from anywhere else. No one may chew gum. If you have gum in your mouth, please take it out now, whether or not you are at Mozart's when you read or hear these instructions. Cell phone use is permitted, but not the use of any personal audio device. If a personal audio device is used at the site, I will eat it; (9) All persons who enter the site of the piece during the duration of the piece shall be considered to be Participants and part of the sculpture whether or not they are cognizant of the piece's execution; (10) Participants shall be given no opportunity to approve of the work or any aspect of these instructions nor shall they be given any opportunity to grant or withhold permission for their inclusion in the sculpture as defined above; (11) All sounds, smells, movements, words, thoughts , deeds, readings, and/or drink orders made, performed by, emitted by or in any way produced by any Participant , intentionally or unintentionally, willingly or unwillingly in/during the piece are the property of the author of these instructions, who shall have sole use and copyright of all aspects of the piece and exclusive reproduction rights, including but not limited to, the unlimited use and commercial exploitation of faces, bodies, names, identities, written or spoken materials, credit or debit cards that become part of the piece by virtue of these instructions. Additionally, the author of these instructions shall not be liable for and specifically disclaims responsibility for any portion of the bar bill; (12) Any person who occupies any space at the site during the sculpture's duration is deemed to have read, thoroughly understood and agreed to these instructions, which may be revised by the author at any time without notice.

Wednesday, August 16, 2006

Have you ever considered the following possibilities?

*Kodiak bears have an unparalleled understanding of Quantum physics. This stems from their ability to blink in and out of multiple dimensions. They also love scratching themselves on tree bark.

*The illuminati conspiracy is actually a long running joke concieved by another, more secret organization, who will remain nameless.

*The earth is actually printed on a large version map of itself, which is held in Galaxy 503's museum of history. Second turn-off from the Venutian freeway.

*DC tap water contains a lethal ingredient, more potent than most toxins. The ingredient? Detroit tap water.

*France does not exist.

*Alcoholic beverages contain microorganisms which when utilised, actually have the ability to supply us with increased awareness, and nearly superhuman intelligence. But we drink them down instead.

*We blip in and then out of existence, and the time between is constructed artificially so we could justify our own being. There is not time, because there never was (was).

*Just right now, a lady was asked in passing if she knew where the closest pay phone was. She pointed to her general right, and said it was 2 blocks down.

Cashing in:

I shouldn't read this poem
I pick my nose when your not looking
I wasn't listening to what you where saying
I am self defeating


Better than PS
Curling Mouthface
Love Her ...
... Don't Know Her

Tuesday, August 15, 2006

ideology and insanity

(on the road to Nova Scotia)

movements in fields
on a sunny side
pilled down the highway
with 20 bucks for gas
and one working ear

wearing sunglasses
to pass the time away


Me and Kevin drank the most beer at 4 liters a piece

Jabari passed out in Thomas Circle and I talked to myself for an hour

Word Tease

We don't always get along
I see 'em, feel 'em,
but can't always say 'em

They hop, skip, and jump
from my soul, to my tongue
And there they stay, like spit
Spit waitin' to be spit out

They dangle like a carrot, in front of a horse
Such a tease!
To want to say what you can't articulate
They tease me.

vvvv Snickers

it's hard as fuck she said
as she broke off a piece of her
creamy-toffee chocolate bar
she offered me a piece
I took it wow
that is the first time
I let it melt in my mouth
and that is only because
it had been in the freezer
and it was
hard as fuck

-Alex V.
(transcribed from a napkin)

Monday, August 14, 2006


Start with a copy of what I think,
was copied by another,
to produce an original,
(was stolen from the source)
to understand an idea
End with faintest memories

Sunday, August 13, 2006

CyberStop Sarcophagus

while we're drinking joe on the patio
of the CyberStop Cafe

a powerful smell runs in my nose
kicked up by a gentle breeze

the scent: anti-euphorium
not Colombian in origin

from a little black box and the fence's edge
I think that's where they're storin' him

oh little dead rat, oh how you stink
it smells like there's 3 0r 4 of ya

is it the blazing hot rays of the sun today
that creates your bouquet of body decay?

I'll have my latte in the porta potty
it smells better than this rat yard

the aroma has my nose turned in
and coffee rifting upward

if this stink puzzle
goes unsolved long
I'll release my supper

supper supper supper
supper supper supper

Friday, August 11, 2006

Today of All Days

The dead squirrel by the trash can
at New York Avenue
reminded me that
I left the door unlocked...
and the milk on the counter...

These are the days
I think,
this is my life
you've got to be fucking kidding me.

Thursday, August 10, 2006

Danielle Steel(e) Meeting- Tuesday Aug 15

Danielle Steel(e) will be holding a meeting at Cafe Mozart's in Washington DC on Tuesday at 7pm. The location is 1331 H St NW. Bring your poems to share (and money for beer).


Hot pots of river pans
flow between my open hands
and fall from grace,
not graceful. I saw you die.
actually I watched you,
because seeing is not believing anymore.


a sign on the church
made my liver quiver
(or was that the hangover i was nursing?)
no matter, my heart did skip
and bounce with glee

reverend carter was threatening
or promising
a bigger bang for your buck
the type that would blow
the doors from your baghdad truck

"sunday worship 9:50AM
a verbal spanking"
needless to say
it got me thinking

about spanking, no duh
spanking a nice round butt
(and wondering what kind of church this is?)

wished to go find out
but 9:50 passed, and that was that

until from the heavens i heard a resounding slap

Wednesday, August 09, 2006

To My Brother's Cat

meowsky, meow, meowsky
hiss, hiss, hiss,

Mike T's Birth D

on mike t's birth d:

we spent the night at the pharmacy

with every sip
we watched him slip
away from reality

I might be wrong
but I think mike sees
from the top of a hill
built on years

he is 22
and one can assume
he's conquered
many fears

but the secret is ...
the wisdom of life ...
to drink a couple beers

don't drink to much
but coffee helps
says a scientific study

and please do call
if you're ever in need
of a same-named drinking buddy

Birth Certificate:

Birth certificate, certified birth.
Announcement of soul for religious harvest.
Preamble to information on toe-tag.
Useful when getting a drivers license.
No wonder the guards at the DMV carry guns.

Tuesday, August 08, 2006

JDP's Costa Rica


costa rica

it's beauty

I lay in the sand

with crabs at my toes

and tarantulas on my head

Monday, August 07, 2006

Sven was the most metal of all
He smelt of liqour, rotting meat
Hair as long as he was tall
Immortal on his stereo, he let loose a grimace
His corpse-paint chipped
His heritage, Finnish
The Norse gods guide his life
His throat tastes of fire
His heart frozen in ice
Under the moonlit alter, Sven made a pact
his own body and soul
Blackest of black

fine i'll post something

my phone is dead
i think i threw it against the wall
along with my lighter
and my lit cigarette
and my hotel bible
underlined in black highlighter
the wall was white
and now it's kind of sort of marked in black lines

22 is better.
perhaps if i'm lucky
and the gods ignore me
i'll write another one at 23
older and more broke than now
drunk and still smoking
pushing on through another new year.

Sunday, August 06, 2006

stereo liberation army

dear car stereo thief,

foot soldier of the s.l.a.,

thanks for not breaking my windows, and

thanks for re-locking my doors, and

thanks for taking my long-dead granddaddy's socket set, and

please don't break any fingers

on your next stereo liberation action,

you've got to leave me something to do

the horse you rode in on

the horse you rode in on
remembered in motion
with tenderness
dog food
and a boner

and back handed

it came in the mail
and when we opened it
the job was completed

setting sail on the highway
too many conversations
in a foreign language
dictated and forceful
between the mind

love it or leave it
too hard to tell
so say your sorry

Saturday, August 05, 2006

Anxiety Poem

I was going to write a poem about anxiety

(about no job, no car, no place to live)

but I became too anxious

I went to the park and saw some kids

swimming in the fountain

I thought about taking their picture

but decided not to

then I imagined

I was someplace foreign

(and did take their picture)

Friday, August 04, 2006

Access Granted

I have hewn these
for so long now
I don't really
that tomorrow
will be today
when the

Thursday, August 03, 2006

We Should Write Something

Lets write something.

I want to take my garbage out though.

Oh, yeah. Hold on a second. Yeah.

I'm set on that.

What [did you say/mean]? (thinking "set on writing something")

Going out side [to take out the trash].

Oh, yeah. And then write something(?).

Wednesday, August 02, 2006

dream stream

stay verry wet in that cream-o-cool.
swimmin down that stream to keep it ever-fresh and clean.
I may just be a strange old passer-by,
but with a stroke of this cleanly wand, we make it yumm for next time.