<b>D' Steel(e)</b> <em>Society of Poetics</em>: January 2007

D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Wednesday, January 31, 2007

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 81

My poems aren't always
an exact representation
of me they are
sometimes in some
ways less or more

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 77

Ever since women
started clothing
themselves men
started drawing
them naked
again first
on cave walls
an today in
Penthouse &
National Geograph

Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Circular & unanimous the bamboo

Sacred & taciturn of the south deep

Mountain gray mud banking

Blades circular & color miasmal

An homage to the stranger

The pedestal sun

Incessant ruins inconsolable

Men of the region

Dilapidated without purpose

The entire proximity of

Rice a sole stranger

Center burnt tiers of faces

Farthest stars face

Importance of real answers

Universe of the former level

Latter vast times a teacher

Useless dawn an intolerable lucidity

Forest hemlock for the student body

Incoherent as most enigmas

As faceless as an enormous

Afternoon river planetary

Prescribed size of a penumbra

Fourteenth pulmonary whole heart

Examination of the vision principle

Skeleton eyelids & innumerable hairs

Less than an effigy

Perhaps a tiger perhaps a colt

Statue same-dreamed phantom

A dreamers dream of the other ruined temple

Orders had been given

Mysteries and the cult of fire

The pretext of pedagogical necessity

Words & sounds

the mere confusion of happiness

The future south sky

Metal of the night’s rose color

Panic-stricken flight of wild animals

From the ruins of the sanctuary

The concentric fire licking the wall

The water the walls

The sheets of flame

Sunday, January 28, 2007

Dada L/a/n/g/u/a/g/e

Are you my da
Are you my dada
Are you my dada there
Are you
Are you
Are you
My my my my my
My my my my my
Are you my Dada language there?
Are you my Dada language there?
Are you dada language there?
You my you my you my
You my you my
Lang da lang da lang da
You are dada language
you are dad language
You are dada Lang
Are you dada language?

Living is a fog from hell

Living is a fog from hell ,
Page 72, page 58, page 66,
The initials on every page, 100.
Easy, but hard at the same time,
This is everyday, flurried, abundant, cloudy weather
This is a gloomy day full of pages
Meals uneaten
Coffee still in the pot.

We are not drunk enough yet
To be having this conversation.
Lets get out there on the porch and light up
Like some good 21st century kids
we'll drink you under the table sir,
Yeah I'm talking to you,
We'll out drink YOU,
Kandinsky, Pollock, and DeKooning,
We will drink all the alcohol available on the
Entire island of long
BOB LONG that is
You- sleeping under the kitchen table
While lamps crash against the walls
Cars smashing into each other, ditches, etc.
You- passed out on the couch
That smells like cigarettes
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, etc.
You in the car with the windows rolled up
In the state park after dark
Me still at the party
Me eating a breakfast burrito
Me playing music in my living room
And dancing, all the way back to suffragette city.

All we have is nouns
All we ever had was nouns
Come say that to my face
And I'll take you down
into the basement
And when no one is looking
Kick your ass all over the ping pong table
Don't ever be old, boring, or silly
We real cool here
We real cool over there too.

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 70

It's good man
I say to Alex's
Liberty Spikes
"Aqua Net!"
Ahh, yes
Aqua Net is
Awesome it
the ozone
in the Eighties.

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 69

Anything you want to
believe is true.
"really?" yeah
we're in
Amer ica

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 68

How do we
us crazy
crazy people
surviving in farm
houses and
walls in the
woods for
all these
of years?

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 66

It has to
Be a different way
It will take me a
couple of days or
So I can get
you your money back
tomorrow okay

Saturday, January 27, 2007

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 64

I should ask the
girl I think would look
hot pregnant if she ------
----> knows anyone
just like her only

Thursday, January 25, 2007

Perving Out is Pretty Awesome Sometimes

Topless Angels
Brunettes, blondes, redheads
In Boxer brief cut panties
Pillow fighting in my head

Wednesday, January 24, 2007

BROerty Ver 0.02 beta

Beechwood aged
Puffing on a blunt
If she finds out
My stuff is on the curb out front

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 59

I am training to run a marathon by drinking beer
& playing ping pong in my basement.

"I'd say youre on the right track."

Why would you say I'm on the right track?

"Beer & ping pong, I think that's the key
to running 26.2 miles.
... Why do you want to run a marathon?"

Just for the hell of it.
To say I ran a marathon.
I don't even care about delivering
a heart attack.

"Spe- Special Delivery!"

Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BROetry ver 0.01

He against him
Tell a friend bitch
I've been ill
Plus I've been sick

Twenty three times
Two more and you got my age
That's a Quarter century more than
enough to fill a page
Add a car chase and a steel cage match
roll credits fade screen

There's only one star in this movie and
he rarely stays clean

Yellow teeth lint on my receding hairline
From his dime store vocabulary ladies know
he's too fine

Hamburger pimp keeping greasy hothands
is a burger realy a burger if it ain't have meat man?

They say it taste great
it keeps the Co-eds slobbering
plus controls weight

I keep the meat wrapped up in their see through black thong strings
add a shake for sex appeal
have me thinking raunchie things
Ladies night buffet
gorge your self lust thrills
stay hungery all day
value menu less then a dollar bill

poem by (and originally posted by) UxTxB

Collecting Material

When I collect material
I leave loved ones
sanity, blood
scum on the earth.
That's what happens
when you get older
when you get older
and realize you are dying
youre not going to live
to 50,000

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 55

If I had a job marking down beautiful girls in a book
I'd have a job forever

Loving a Dog from Hell, Pg 54

For Christmas I was going to give you the rib that man made woman from.
I even went to the basement w/ a flashlight in the middle of the night
to make sure I still had it.
Some friends said, or advised, that it might scare you.
I pulled the rib out of the ground in the middle of the night
along the coast of Albania then flew out over the sea.
I guess it's the thought that counts.

Sunday, January 21, 2007

50 Demands

1. Cable Television
2. One George Foreman grill. Complete with deluxe spatula set.
3. A fully trained German shepherd, capable of performing highly tactical manuevers.
4. The complete literary work of one Augustus Junior Swath
5. A sectional sofa, made of mahogany with maple handles and lining. Cusions will be formed out of granite. Nobody will sit on this sofa. Nobody will see this sofa.
6. A triangular coffee table.
7. An empty warehouse located on the eastern coast of Iceland. Beside the warehouse will be a stable, containing one horse of your choosing. Also, a herd of sheep.
8. A HAM radio capable of transmitting within 5000 miles of its origin.
9. Pair of moon-bounce shoes.
10. A wall-sized poster containing information on every star constellation.
11. A bronze statue molded in the shape of a Volvo automobile.
12. Fully funtioning fog machine.
13. A 13x14 foot box, 5 feet deep. It will be filled with plans of various industrial parks. It will be secured with a lock, and only two copies of the key will be made. The box will then be dropped into the pacific ocean where it will sink to the bottom.
14. A 45 minute time slot on PBS every afternoon.
15. One Marshall guitar amplifier to be placed in every room across America.
16. Beer.
17. Pens that never run out of ink, and also play classical music when you write with them.
18. The float of last year's Rose parade winner. I will keep it for my own use, and the runner-up float will be raffled off.
19. The current executive administration to be put on trial for failure to pay all outstanding parking tickets.
20. The Book of Revelations will be re-written. This time it will have a happy ending.
21. An ad to be placed in all major newspapers for a used Ford Taurus on sale outside a Dairy Queen.
22. Thirteen suits tailored from the wool of the Icelandid sheep.
23. Fifteen cans of motor oil.
24. A major motorway to be constructed, connecting California to Alaska.
25. Montana will be placed in a large protective bubble. Nothing in, nothing out.
26. Every morning a duffle-bag will be left on my doorstep. That same duffle-bag will be picked up that evening from my doorstep. It is never to be opened or tampered with.
27. Free admission to the San Diego Sea World.
28. Ten acres of land for farming purposes.
29. A large gun rack.
30. Complete musical works of every band to come out of Denmark's street punk scene.
31. Mark E. Smith's phone number and e-mail.
32. All future business offices are to be designed with the Captain's deck of the U.S.S. Enterprise as the base model.
33. Full and complete access to the Hubble telescope.
34. A Pilot's license.
35. A car phone.
36. Resurrection of the once lost "Cammule", which will be born again under the piercing glance of the pale moonlight.
37. All tax fraud charges against Wesley Snipes are to be dropped.
38. A week's supply of canned cheese, pre-applied to crackers for convenient use.
39. The key to the city of Boise.
40. An expansion of the American railroad system.
41. Donate all land 5 miles within the American-Canadian border to Canada. Then annex Vancouver.
42. Doppler radar will be given the title of "Most important technological advancement of the last millenium".
43. Medians on all major highways will be decorated with lawn gnomes, giving a much needed boost to the lawn gnome industry.
44. A truly never ending pasta bowl.
45. Large format photography will become the standard for common use, even family snapshots. Digital photography will become indicative of the eccentric artist.
46. Congress will be outsourced.
47. Leash-laws of pets will be repealed in the city of Savannah. Savannah will be renamed to "Animal City".
48. The Freemasonry temple on 16th street will be converted into the Cat Fighting Raccoon embassy.
49. All spiders will be implanted with tracking devices so that I may be aware of their presence, and avoid them in an increasingly successful fashion.
50. Deion Sanders will be striken from history books, and nobody will acknowledge his continued existence.

Wednesday, January 17, 2007

Wednesday, January 10, 2007


coffee is the vehicle for my half & half

Tuesday, January 02, 2007

21 January 2007 (prereading moved forward 2 days)

d'steel(e) reads/performs on sunday evening, january 21, at meatmarket gallery. save the date. readers, new & old, email b.long at csmith@corcoran.org. details to follow. tentative pre-reading meeting pencilled in for tuesday, january 16, 5pm, Recessions Bar DC.