<b>D' Steel(e)</b> <em>Society of Poetics</em>: September 2006

D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Tuesday, September 26, 2006

party poem


please come
to a
at the studio of
Rex Weil

Friday, September 29
8:30 PM to midnight

5521 Colorado Ave., NW

enter directly into the studio around the corner on Longfellow St.
(it's the same building as Colorado Kitchen, across the street from the old Twins Jazz Club)

16th north to a right on Colorado, follow Colorado across 14th to 5521, around the bldg. to the Longfellow entrance
14th north to a right on Colorado to 5521, etc.
Rock Creek Parkway to Beach Drive to Blagden Ave. to 16th to Colorado, etc.

Monday, September 25, 2006

Thomas Michael Corcoran

He lives surrounded by information. The TV blaring, books piling, and internet streaming. He is a poet for the future.

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Travel Photography: Shopkeeping

1)Restocking. 2)Saying hello and may I help you. 3)Reface items for optimum sales. 4)Help customers. 5)Rehelp customers. 6)Explain pricing and sales policies. 7)Sit and speak and stand with authority. 8)Answer the phone. 9)Replace CDs and press play. 10)Customers or potential customers tapping at the window. 11)Talk about places I've been to or never been, whichever the situation requires. 12)Use my phone to instant message. 13)Watch people on the sidewalk through a window obstructed by photographs. 14)Explain that the photo can be framed in a matter of minutes if it isn't already. 15)Now that the CD player is broke, trying to find a good radio station. 16)Now the CD player is fixed, I didn't bring my CDs. 17)Explain I'm not the photographer. 18)Tell customers we close around 9pm. 19)If you buy 4 photos you get a 5th free. 20)Run to the back to search for photos while no one is in the store. 21)Panhandlers want to give me change for dollars. 22)Kingsley Gibson, a street-walking draft artist comes in once a week to show drawings of buildings he made decades ago.

Letter to the editor

Dear Sir,
Just to clear this up. I am sorry about your cat.
I didn't mean to lose him in the soup. It was dark
and I could not see tail thrashing in the pot.
I am glad to hear from your wife that you bought a
farm. It is quite a feat at your age to undertake
farming. The dog is doing well. I miss the
captivation of galaxies and hope for darker nights.
It has been such a long time.

With love,

Thursday, September 21, 2006

Don't do anything too sudden.

Click title for link.

Scientists opening dimensional doors
I hope aliens are there
I hope they are nice aliens
I hope they don't exterminate us.

Scientists opening dimensional doors
I hope the universe stays intact
I hope we aren't pulled into oblivion
I hope I get to keep my particles together.

Scientists opening dimensional doors
I hope we can travel time
I hope that we can catch a dinosaur
I hope that the dinosaurs don't exterminate us.

Scientists opening dimensional doors
I hope we can unlock the secrets of the universe
I hope we contact a higher being, referred to as God
I hope God doesn't decide to exterminate us

At Transformer Gallery

"I think I was at a wedding one time where a fish monger Dumpster married a dead rat."

"That would be a stinky wedding."

"It was."

Sunday, September 17, 2006

for paris hilton on my birthday

I don't like it when you cry
but it is way less depressing than a morning after
with a topless photograph
a slinky and false pop hits

you too can be a monument to pro-life

you are mother teresa

burn it baby
burn it good and while your at it I need a kiss goodbye for luck
cause the movement is heading out
and even if I only have a good title
and my cheap shirt
I want to be there with you
I want to see my reflection in the diamond skull
I want what I am
even if we're no good

at 8 dollars an hour who's counting the beers
and who's looking up references

don't blame me it's the mailman
don't blame him it's a figment of your imagination

too soon to cope?
go cry about it

Friday, September 15, 2006

D flat major translation in F

Not sure how to work anymore
I will walk to the train
stopping only at corners
or to admire the fortune of others
like the bum, who holds a cup
and I say "I could do that"

But I can't brush my teeth in the morning
rembering that I have the ability to say teeth
as opposed to tooth
which for some is required

I suppose luck don't give a fuck
and maybe it hurts to know this
rembering that I can choose to believe in luck
as opposed to chance
which for some is required

I've never won the lottery
I am bad at bingo
and sometimes birds choose to shit on my head
rembering that I am lucky to have birds
as opposed to not
which for some is required

its all about one

Asap, rat-a-tat tap
Is from a rat
Is brought to you by a bat
Summer haircut
Shoulda worn a hat
Listerine sun
Still think about it
Still laugh about it
waters continue to run
beneath the city of politicians
And mathmati-magi-cians
Highways and cryways
For surfers of unknown origin
To jump right in
And come out the other side
More or less alive
Than the other guy

Monday, September 11, 2006

Five Years Later

September Eleventh
five years later

then I was twenty-three
today I am twenty-eight

I had been a Marine
to be sent on deployment

now am a graduate
at the edge of employment

I paid rent on a house
with three bedrooms in it

now must move
I can't afford rent

war with Afghanistan, and Iraq
the next one's with Iran

five years later
it's safe to say

I ... we could really
use a plan

Sunday, September 10, 2006

The Patio Door Song

got so drunk
fell on the floor
got back up
and fell through
the patio door

thought I was having fun
just laying here laughing
looked down to get my beer
and I noticed the gashing
(a wound that was left
when I fell through
the patio door)

got so drunk
fell on the floor
got back up
and fell through
the patio door

in the morning I awoke
exactly where I fell
(blood stained my shirt
there was a shard
through my clavicle)
I wasn't alive
I was dead near
the patio door

shirts and pants
and jackets and


shirts and jackets
and pants and

Thursday, September 07, 2006

Scrambles and Coffee

This dream satanic
the moon lost hope of rising in my window

I think I sleep walk sometimes
When I awake on the bathroom floor
When I thought I had walked back to bed.

Dream, stop.

Over, your morning reality is interfering with this transmission

I can tell you till it is gone
and you won't understand
but it all made sense
it had context

Then passing through the gates
I let the spoon drop
I think it has been a long time
But the word is long
and stretched off minds
for great lengths

Buzz the radio is inside my mug
Weather over scrambled eggs with wings

21 Sophie Street

You should have brought
your balloons to the bar
we're all disappointed.

"Aw, that's alright,
I'll bring them tomorrow."

"But it won't be Sophie's
birthday tomorrow!
You stinkin' jerk."

Tuesday, September 05, 2006

Danielle Steel(e) Meeting/Birthday Bash

The Danielle Steel(e) Society will congregate this friday night, the 8th, at the Recessions bar (L Street, between 18th and 19th). Time will be starting around 8:30 or 9, but the meeting will extend through the morning, so show up whenever its most convenient. The reason for this being is it will be my 21st birthday that day. It will also be karaoke night. So bring your poetry, liver, and voicebox.

Monday, September 04, 2006

Fast Food Lush

only $3.50
(the lime is free)
have $10
drink about 3

use a card
no minimum charge
no size to choose
they only sell large

Saturday, September 02, 2006

Dear Suiicide Renter,

Please don't,
we will let you have the biggest bathroom,
and you'll only have to clean the kitchen twice-
We didn't mean it when we said we'd call you next week

Bag Pigeon

Bag Pigeon
I will write
a sad song about you
it will sound like
Neil Young

poor Bag Pigeon
sad in the park
soon it will be dark
and the cats
come out

Bag Pigeon
I wish I could help

Friday, September 01, 2006


Walking in a downpour like I have nowhere to go

Instead of going where I planned

I end up heading home