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Thursday, August 17, 2006

August 14, 2006. Twelve instructions for a conceptual/site-specific performance/living/sound temporary sculpture to be executed at Mozart's during the Danielle Steele Literary Society meeting on the evening of August 15, 2006: (1) The sculpture is a time-based piece; (2) It commences at 7:00 PM and terminates at 10:00 PM, no matter when or whether these instructions are read; (3) The sculpture will be composed of an indeterminate number of participants in the Danielle Steele Literary Society meeting and their guests sitting around a table at Mozart's drinking beer or drinking something else or not drinking; (4) Each and every action or omission of each and every Participant is part of the sculpture whether consistent with or in violation of these instructions; (5) All space within 15 feet in any direction measured from any point on the surface of the 'central meeting table' is the site of the piece; (6) The central meeting table is defined as the table at which Casey Smith sits. During the duration of the piece, if Casey Smith leaves the table for any reason, the radius of the piece shall shift with his movement; (7) Participants may smoke, but any Participant may ask a smoker not to smoke. The smoker's response shall be improvised on the spot; (8) Participants may eat food ordered from Mozart's, but not food ordered from anywhere else. No one may chew gum. If you have gum in your mouth, please take it out now, whether or not you are at Mozart's when you read or hear these instructions. Cell phone use is permitted, but not the use of any personal audio device. If a personal audio device is used at the site, I will eat it; (9) All persons who enter the site of the piece during the duration of the piece shall be considered to be Participants and part of the sculpture whether or not they are cognizant of the piece's execution; (10) Participants shall be given no opportunity to approve of the work or any aspect of these instructions nor shall they be given any opportunity to grant or withhold permission for their inclusion in the sculpture as defined above; (11) All sounds, smells, movements, words, thoughts , deeds, readings, and/or drink orders made, performed by, emitted by or in any way produced by any Participant , intentionally or unintentionally, willingly or unwillingly in/during the piece are the property of the author of these instructions, who shall have sole use and copyright of all aspects of the piece and exclusive reproduction rights, including but not limited to, the unlimited use and commercial exploitation of faces, bodies, names, identities, written or spoken materials, credit or debit cards that become part of the piece by virtue of these instructions. Additionally, the author of these instructions shall not be liable for and specifically disclaims responsibility for any portion of the bar bill; (12) Any person who occupies any space at the site during the sculpture's duration is deemed to have read, thoroughly understood and agreed to these instructions, which may be revised by the author at any time without notice.


Blogger mike said...

disclaimer to any unsettled matters happening in or around the area of said performance:

Any matters left unsettled during the meeting of the Danielle Steel(e) Society are null and void at the termination of the meeting.

example: I owe Casey Smith $20 for the bar tab. However, at the termination of the meeting (approximately 10:00pm) that debt is no longer valid.

5:59 PM  
Anonymous casey said...

jerkface, the $20 you owe me is the least of your debts.

12:30 PM  

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