<b>D' Steel(e)</b> <em>Society of Poetics</em>: August 2007

D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Friday, August 31, 2007

morning sentinel aug. 31, 2007

Baldacci proposes jail takeover
Decisions by court favor couple
Poultry vaccine plant workers were sickened
Lawrence students compete with drum and bugle corps
Sox flop in the Bronx
Patriots finish pre-season
Homeless family gets good news


So a couple weeks ago I tried uploading my resume onto my blog and I just noticed it went up on here instead?!?! So sorry!!! So embarressed!!! Google Docs put it onto the wrong blog, I was wondering where it went...


Monday, August 27, 2007

phenomena andromeda
milky way collision
diamonds, chocolate, stars, light years,
our corner of the universe = oblivion

Saturday, August 25, 2007

waiting out the pub time

Sitting at this desk
the copy is all edited
my stomach full of snacks
that keep my head awake
everyone is headed out
but me and Bruce are waiting out
the time to hit the publish button
it will come, as we both know
it will come, as the thunder comes
as the rain comes
Bruce offers me a ride, I deny
for now
Chuck, another late night guy
comes to retrieve some copy
from the printer and leaves
without a word, just a glance
at SportsCenter
and there is still more time
more time that I might wait
to go, to walk
should I wait out til the 'pub' time
til the late and later 'pub' time?
Well it's raining lightning
a ride?
the offer is there
but I decide to walk
to walk before the 'pub' time
to walk before the publishing
web setting up the paper on the
internet push button
process goes

Friday, August 24, 2007

Sunday, August 19, 2007

breakfast in augusta, me.

On Sunday Morning I walked
across the
bridge to
eat breakfast
with the
I had a
Mango & some
coffee, they had my company
and the sun to warm their
earthen vaults I heard the
birds & not the planes, the
leaves & river not the road
and then I walked but I'll
be back again someday
for sure

water street 008

Alright Augusta,
you want to play games?
I'm going to start yelling
"learn to walk"
Pretty soon. Oh, that
guy had it down okay.

water street 007

Hey Augusta, learn to
fucking walk. You walk
past the
Edwards Inn
Porch trying to
stare straight
ahead, It's not
working. Do you
have a board in
your back? It
should come fuckin
natural. Left, right
Augusta. Left, right.

water street 006

Hey Augusta crack walk man you
don't seem very friendly I saw
you walking across the bridge
earlier, I see you walking
down water street every day
you always look away I
don't even want to say Hi to
you but if you don't say Hi
pretty soon I'm going to
make you,
There you go again!

Saturday, August 18, 2007

water street 005

In DC there were options
when things got rough
you could at least mug
Here, no one 's got nothing
except maybe
a can of soda

water street 004

I am sitt-
ing out on
this porch
drinking beers
in shorts
and a tee-shirt
and this
Mainer comes
up dressed in
the same
and asks if
he can go
through the
ashtray. I
tell him "better
luck at the
Eagle" he does
anyway and
complains of
the cold!

water street 003

from what I've been hearing,
you've got a lot of weirdos that make
this place hard to live.

a couple
people and a bumper sticker told me you
put way too many people on welfare and
give out way too much help to people who
don't really need it, to make this a decent
state for working people to live in.

you've got a shitload of mentally
ill bastards migrating here from lots
of other states (like Washington, DC)

Oh, and 8.5 percent sales tax?! What's
up with that Maine?

water street 002

Man Maine!
are a lot
douche bags on
this side of
water street
driving up & down
the road
wasting gas

Man Maine!
these idiots
are walking
acting tough
yelling shit
on this side
of water street

Man Maine!
I'm sitting here
feeling like
one of them

water street 001

eight point five percent
sales tax
eight point five percent
sales tax
eight point five percent
sales tax
I couldn't stop
thinking, saying
it to myself
on the way back
from the gas
after buying
a six dollar and
ninety-one cent
six pack of
bud cans
eight point five percent
sales tax
eight point five percent
sales tax

Saturday, August 04, 2007

Anthology of Poems about Mike Corcoran or Inspired by Mike Corcoran

I'd like everybody to post a pome or two on the theme announced above. (You'll see below that I've already started.) I might collect and edit them in a small samizdat publication, maybe hold a reading. Mike Corcoran himself is encouraged to contribute. If you can't post on this blog, you can send the pomes via email to csmith@corcoran.org. My internet connection this summer on Long Island has been spotty, so Professor Smith has agreed to help me out. Keep in mind that the pomes need not be laudatory. People who happen to be reading this blog and have never written a pome, well, this is a great opportunity.

Spread the word.

Re Quiem

Mike Corcoran drew me within the door of an unoccupied garden by the roadside took me by the button my coat and closing his eyes commenced an eloquent discourse waving his right hand gently as the musical words flowed in an unbroken stream from his lips I saw that it was no use to break away so taking advantage of his absorption in his subject I with my penknife quietly severed the button from my coat and decamped five hours afterwards in passing the same garden I heard Mike Corcoran's voice and looking in there he was with closed eyes the button in his fingers and his right hand gracefully waving just as when I left him