<b>D' Steel(e)</b> <em>Society of Poetics</em>: November 2007

D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

from the fireplace at
paddy murphy's

heart be cold?

I want a long &
happy life.

There were times when
I was younger
I felt like more
than I do now

A place where
I have my camera
and my words

(and some people
wouldn't hurt)
and there is

anyone can take
away from me

(happened today:
An older woman stared at me
A young one twirled her hair at me

Friday, November 16, 2007

latest breaking

Breaking news
latest breaking news
heart-breaking incidents
around the world
tattoo parlour run by
fatalities in traffic stops
Barry Bonds
hate crimes
wounded warriors
coming back
& Iran
China makes our toys
Russian cults
& air assaults
& other thing
that rhyme
the ocean 's rising
to swallow up
and the pope
when we're all gone
the news will break
that France's strike
is off

Friday, November 02, 2007

find it

I sent you a postcard
of an Indonesian girl
standing in a canoe
I compared her naked
body to you and mailed
it with no
now that card
is floating through
oblivion (like my heart)