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Sunday, September 21, 2008

unselected notes from the night

The Melvins
made me do it
I see "Burn After
Go to bar
ask for info
on publishing
Still talking
about my 3
beast pizza

can't afford
to be a
I am a
can't afford a
yacht, man
I am in
the K-mart
Raft Club
The Raft Club

Cold River
Vodka, distinctive
Maine potato
Kitchen Closed
Steelers won
Look up
Stomp in

Cubs & Astros
one a natural
disaster waiting
to happen
the other
nature young
trying to live
who will
you root

Pat Wellenbach

The only chance
I have at paying
off my student
loans is to
get a job as
a renowned
Even if my
dreams were
simple and

Now my dream
is to be free
of student
loans. one
of my main
my goals
increase w/
my debt
I loath you

but I needed

tonight was
a strange night
for baseball
September 17
2008 was a
strange night
for baseball
in America
on the

I put an old
western on the
TV behind the
bar. and the
Jukebox plays
"more human
than human"
as pool is
played beer
is drank
drink is drunk

House of Pizza
12:45 A.M.
eat a 99 cent
bag of Sun Chips
while waiting
for an anchovy
feta and spinach
pizza eat reg drinking
Vitamin Water

Mike Smith
(580) 678-2925
A 27 45th
Okla, Nat Guard
Third time
being deployed

Cold War Kids
Grateful Dead
Drink, Pool, talk
tables, table, bar
hand movement
mouth movement
... this is
a long fucking

Remember to never
buy Shell gasoline
b/c they used an
assassin to kill
an African leader
who opposed
their drilling
also, try and
avoid Exxon
b/c of their

a girl starts
talking in depth
about nothing
I say from
down the bar
"your guys'
date is boring!"
they still talk
of alcohol and
I am still

I've pissed
in the famous
urinals of
Orlando florida
I've pissed in
the urinals
of D.C. of L.A.
urinals of
great celebrities
I have pissed
in the urinals

of famous
artists in fact
I just felt
a drop on
my thigh
p.s. go to a
Place on the
airport Road
called T.J.'s (?)
to play pool

The Custodians
of Rock 'n' Roll
they don't ride
like that

Mike Smith,
multiple launch
Rocket system,
AT-4 A Co.
27 Brigade Support

An island in
Hey, hey here's
a request for
a favor
pass me those
bottles over
clank, clank

Photography is
a science that
produces art
what in the
hell are they
playing, what
in the hell is
he drinking,
what in the
hell does she
have in her

I think I
Know you from
somewhere but
Whatever you do
don't eat tuna
more than
twice a week


Sunday, September 14, 2008

untitled notes from the night

Try to think
of a way to
explain the
sound of the
calypso drum
in words
Junga Junga Junga
Bwa Ba Bwwa B, ah
some of the
barmaids are

off tonight
with their
friends dancing
w/ pool sticks
dancing w/
lovers dancing
w/ me
tit tit ta tee
tit tit ta tee
Bwwa Bwa Bwwa Bwah
tap a tap tap

-At War
-Yesterday 9/11
-that's it
Man at the
bar explaining
world news
section I
can't find in
the paper

Diamond rings
around the
fingers of
a woman
like fingers
around the
neck of
a man

12-0-9 yeah I
still got time
one more
got a straw
or 3 I am
whistling now
to the beat
tune music

Somebody crowd
everybody gives
the wild man
room to dance

I would like
to do Scientific
Photography of
Mainers dancing
like Eadweard J.

3,217 days
ago gas was
$2.37 cents
Less according
to the television
What's your name?
"What's you

Wild man dances
is here also
in the Pub dancing
to music
he has his
dreads in
shoes off
shirt sweat
touches me passing

Come home
from bar,
(look out window
to make sure
House of Pizza
is still open)
order an
anchovy, bacon
chicken pizza
for pickup

I tell Jenn they
must think I
am satanic for
ordering such
a pizza
I tell her that
Vegitarians (she
must know being
one) gather in
the night when
the moon is
in the 4th

they gather to
eat The Apocalyptic
Pizza. Underground.
draped & Huddled
eating bird
mammal & fish
tomato sauce
like blood on
their faces
don't let them
see you

Friday, September 12, 2008

trivia night at mainely brews

1. What evacuated islands did Hurricane
Ike completely miss?
A: The Florida Keys
2. Where is Roof Masters
A. Windham, Me.
3. My ankles are
Swollen, my feet
are blistered &
bleeding. The
Surgical pins & Rods
in my leg are
Shifting loose.

more notes from the night

He sounds
like he's calling
an ambulance
(Bartender calling
a cab.)
The future is
full of computer

I have never
noticed the:
spitting & crotch
grabbing of
the roller
coaster of
disco melody,
The crazy
mathematics of
working at
a bar, spitting

I am into
wide eyes
I am not
scared of you
I am always
in a hurry
Now I'm born
in the

I was
I am
I'm going
I am
I was
I felt
I know
I get
I reach out
I'd rather

Nat's beat
the cheesy

Try not to
your bad

My youngest niece
called me to tell
me she is pregnant.
I think it costs
like $1 million to
have a kid today.
(Prices may vary in
New York, California, and
Las Vegas)

Can't get to
the Bob in
the place
down the
people have
Has to be
2 not even
on a trip to
get cigarettes

went to a
trapper's rendezvous
today it smelt
like skunk
they sold a
wide array
of annal
glands. the
salesmen opened
their containers
for us to smell

white stripes
skid row
using a notebook
to lessen the
cost of sirius
radio + jukebox.
Half & half

Quarters for
forget camera
miss picture
saw a fire
saw a squirrel
and man pass
as they crossed
to opposite

sides of the
street. Saw
a tall girl with
glasses running,
cute. Threw
fallen apples
at a littered
cup. A modern
colonial New
England Educational

I walk until
I'm passed
the silver
and brick
houses. Until
I'm walking
through the
museum of
a modern colonial
New England
Educational village.

It is Sunday and
I am looking
at ancient
images of ancient
religion made
of bronze,
ceramic, steatite,
ivory, vellum.
I reproduce
John Singleton Copley's
Mrs Metcalf Bowler,

I'll be in the
Art Institute of Pittsburgh's
2008 Edition
of the Annual Alumni
Show - will run from
Monday, October 20, 2008
through Saturday,
December 3, 2008. The
reception will be
held on Fri evening,
November 4, 2008.

now I can go right
next door and
listen to blues guitar
and drink a beer
and listen to the
musician's anecdotes
between the songs
none of them
this is clear
when the girl
next to me asks
"who died?"
"I don't know."

Then the words
from the songs
start making
sense with the
rambling tune
of the guitar
but I still can't
a word. Until
"It don't mean
a thing if it
ain't got that swing."

the planet
earth blues
I got the
planet earth
blues who
cares if it's
your birthday

I really want
to know
Ahh who the
fuck are you?
tell me who
are you
kickin it
old school
Jaime Kennedy
You know

Tuesday night
at the bar
next to my
Place is like
no other night
If I had woke
up at 815 am
when the cable
man called you
would have
known this

a girl is way
too forward
at the bar
I wish she
was hot or
at least
decent and
athletic with
no kids I'd
be out of
here by now

Sitting at a
bar in New
England with
my Legalize the
Irish dot Org
shirt I am
myself and
my ancestors

Monday, September 08, 2008

In the Garden

Cyprus bald and myrtle creeps
Green mint and hair, soft lamb's ear
The fruit we’re all waiting for:
A tree, miraculous, biting and fierce,
Daylight in the mosquitos of swarms
Brown and small; snails they are bricks.
The overturned, redden to ready,
Getting tomatos, green baby,
compost on the slime trails.

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