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Tuesday, January 23, 2007

BROetry ver 0.01

He against him
Tell a friend bitch
I've been ill
Plus I've been sick

Twenty three times
Two more and you got my age
That's a Quarter century more than
enough to fill a page
Add a car chase and a steel cage match
roll credits fade screen

There's only one star in this movie and
he rarely stays clean

Yellow teeth lint on my receding hairline
From his dime store vocabulary ladies know
he's too fine

Hamburger pimp keeping greasy hothands
is a burger realy a burger if it ain't have meat man?

They say it taste great
it keeps the Co-eds slobbering
plus controls weight

I keep the meat wrapped up in their see through black thong strings
add a shake for sex appeal
have me thinking raunchie things
Ladies night buffet
gorge your self lust thrills
stay hungery all day
value menu less then a dollar bill

poem by (and originally posted by) UxTxB


Anonymous Anonymous said...

who are you uxtxb?
-- b.long

3:39 PM  

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