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Sunday, January 28, 2007

Living is a fog from hell

Living is a fog from hell ,
Page 72, page 58, page 66,
The initials on every page, 100.
Easy, but hard at the same time,
This is everyday, flurried, abundant, cloudy weather
This is a gloomy day full of pages
Meals uneaten
Coffee still in the pot.

We are not drunk enough yet
To be having this conversation.
Lets get out there on the porch and light up
Like some good 21st century kids
we'll drink you under the table sir,
Yeah I'm talking to you,
We'll out drink YOU,
Kandinsky, Pollock, and DeKooning,
We will drink all the alcohol available on the
Entire island of long
BOB LONG that is
You- sleeping under the kitchen table
While lamps crash against the walls
Cars smashing into each other, ditches, etc.
You- passed out on the couch
That smells like cigarettes
Sex, drugs, and rock and roll, etc.
You in the car with the windows rolled up
In the state park after dark
Me still at the party
Me eating a breakfast burrito
Me playing music in my living room
And dancing, all the way back to suffragette city.

All we have is nouns
All we ever had was nouns
Come say that to my face
And I'll take you down
into the basement
And when no one is looking
Kick your ass all over the ping pong table
Don't ever be old, boring, or silly
We real cool here
We real cool over there too.


Blogger mike said...

Are we coming through on the jeep-boat-jeep again?!


8:04 PM  

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