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D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Sunday, September 24, 2006

Travel Photography: Shopkeeping

1)Restocking. 2)Saying hello and may I help you. 3)Reface items for optimum sales. 4)Help customers. 5)Rehelp customers. 6)Explain pricing and sales policies. 7)Sit and speak and stand with authority. 8)Answer the phone. 9)Replace CDs and press play. 10)Customers or potential customers tapping at the window. 11)Talk about places I've been to or never been, whichever the situation requires. 12)Use my phone to instant message. 13)Watch people on the sidewalk through a window obstructed by photographs. 14)Explain that the photo can be framed in a matter of minutes if it isn't already. 15)Now that the CD player is broke, trying to find a good radio station. 16)Now the CD player is fixed, I didn't bring my CDs. 17)Explain I'm not the photographer. 18)Tell customers we close around 9pm. 19)If you buy 4 photos you get a 5th free. 20)Run to the back to search for photos while no one is in the store. 21)Panhandlers want to give me change for dollars. 22)Kingsley Gibson, a street-walking draft artist comes in once a week to show drawings of buildings he made decades ago.


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