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Saturday, August 25, 2007

waiting out the pub time

Sitting at this desk
the copy is all edited
my stomach full of snacks
that keep my head awake
everyone is headed out
but me and Bruce are waiting out
the time to hit the publish button
it will come, as we both know
it will come, as the thunder comes
as the rain comes
Bruce offers me a ride, I deny
for now
Chuck, another late night guy
comes to retrieve some copy
from the printer and leaves
without a word, just a glance
at SportsCenter
and there is still more time
more time that I might wait
to go, to walk
should I wait out til the 'pub' time
til the late and later 'pub' time?
Well it's raining lightning
a ride?
the offer is there
but I decide to walk
to walk before the 'pub' time
to walk before the publishing
web setting up the paper on the
internet push button
process goes


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