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Sunday, September 14, 2008

untitled notes from the night

Try to think
of a way to
explain the
sound of the
calypso drum
in words
Junga Junga Junga
Bwa Ba Bwwa B, ah
some of the
barmaids are

off tonight
with their
friends dancing
w/ pool sticks
dancing w/
lovers dancing
w/ me
tit tit ta tee
tit tit ta tee
Bwwa Bwa Bwwa Bwah
tap a tap tap

-At War
-Yesterday 9/11
-that's it
Man at the
bar explaining
world news
section I
can't find in
the paper

Diamond rings
around the
fingers of
a woman
like fingers
around the
neck of
a man

12-0-9 yeah I
still got time
one more
got a straw
or 3 I am
whistling now
to the beat
tune music

Somebody crowd
everybody gives
the wild man
room to dance

I would like
to do Scientific
Photography of
Mainers dancing
like Eadweard J.

3,217 days
ago gas was
$2.37 cents
Less according
to the television
What's your name?
"What's you

Wild man dances
is here also
in the Pub dancing
to music
he has his
dreads in
shoes off
shirt sweat
touches me passing

Come home
from bar,
(look out window
to make sure
House of Pizza
is still open)
order an
anchovy, bacon
chicken pizza
for pickup

I tell Jenn they
must think I
am satanic for
ordering such
a pizza
I tell her that
Vegitarians (she
must know being
one) gather in
the night when
the moon is
in the 4th

they gather to
eat The Apocalyptic
Pizza. Underground.
draped & Huddled
eating bird
mammal & fish
tomato sauce
like blood on
their faces
don't let them
see you


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