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Friday, September 12, 2008

more notes from the night

He sounds
like he's calling
an ambulance
(Bartender calling
a cab.)
The future is
full of computer

I have never
noticed the:
spitting & crotch
grabbing of
the roller
coaster of
disco melody,
The crazy
mathematics of
working at
a bar, spitting

I am into
wide eyes
I am not
scared of you
I am always
in a hurry
Now I'm born
in the

I was
I am
I'm going
I am
I was
I felt
I know
I get
I reach out
I'd rather

Nat's beat
the cheesy

Try not to
your bad

My youngest niece
called me to tell
me she is pregnant.
I think it costs
like $1 million to
have a kid today.
(Prices may vary in
New York, California, and
Las Vegas)

Can't get to
the Bob in
the place
down the
people have
Has to be
2 not even
on a trip to
get cigarettes

went to a
trapper's rendezvous
today it smelt
like skunk
they sold a
wide array
of annal
glands. the
salesmen opened
their containers
for us to smell

white stripes
skid row
using a notebook
to lessen the
cost of sirius
radio + jukebox.
Half & half

Quarters for
forget camera
miss picture
saw a fire
saw a squirrel
and man pass
as they crossed
to opposite

sides of the
street. Saw
a tall girl with
glasses running,
cute. Threw
fallen apples
at a littered
cup. A modern
colonial New
England Educational

I walk until
I'm passed
the silver
and brick
houses. Until
I'm walking
through the
museum of
a modern colonial
New England
Educational village.

It is Sunday and
I am looking
at ancient
images of ancient
religion made
of bronze,
ceramic, steatite,
ivory, vellum.
I reproduce
John Singleton Copley's
Mrs Metcalf Bowler,

I'll be in the
Art Institute of Pittsburgh's
2008 Edition
of the Annual Alumni
Show - will run from
Monday, October 20, 2008
through Saturday,
December 3, 2008. The
reception will be
held on Fri evening,
November 4, 2008.

now I can go right
next door and
listen to blues guitar
and drink a beer
and listen to the
musician's anecdotes
between the songs
none of them
this is clear
when the girl
next to me asks
"who died?"
"I don't know."

Then the words
from the songs
start making
sense with the
rambling tune
of the guitar
but I still can't
a word. Until
"It don't mean
a thing if it
ain't got that swing."

the planet
earth blues
I got the
planet earth
blues who
cares if it's
your birthday

I really want
to know
Ahh who the
fuck are you?
tell me who
are you
kickin it
old school
Jaime Kennedy
You know

Tuesday night
at the bar
next to my
Place is like
no other night
If I had woke
up at 815 am
when the cable
man called you
would have
known this

a girl is way
too forward
at the bar
I wish she
was hot or
at least
decent and
athletic with
no kids I'd
be out of
here by now

Sitting at a
bar in New
England with
my Legalize the
Irish dot Org
shirt I am
myself and
my ancestors


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