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Wednesday, November 01, 2006

All Mothers Are Growing Older

All mothers are growing older,
and more sad;
their children are all at the discoteque,
dancing and grinding late into the early morning.

The mothers are in the laundry room,
smelling the laundry for freshness
and wishing there was still something left over;
All the baby smells are gone and have been for a long time.

The babies are still at the disco,
drinking upstairs in the velvet room,
drinking themselves silly,
and crying periodically.

The mothers are now at the grocery store,
smelling lemons,
wishing they could go to the disco too,
instead they collect cookies and crackers,
in case the children come home.

But the children are never coming home,
the babies are eating big slice pizzas
and sweating on strangers they just met
and waking up too late for church.


Blogger mike said...

To my Mother,

I love you Mommy.

Love you youngest son,


10:17 AM  

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