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Monday, October 30, 2006

Poems inspired by . . .

...the Raven

A Jukebox that has
Hendrix Band of Gypsies?
A Bar that has
Strong Beer at
an affordable price?
Seats that are booths
girls that are ruths
you can smoke in
there too
"yeah Bay-Bee
What the hell are
you writing"

. . .

...a man with a pamphlet

To a man with a pamphlet:
"No thanks. I've already
got my own religion. I
made it up. It's called
fucking Reality."

. . .


drop drop drop
Umbrella Umbrella Umbrella
rain rain rain
slosh slosh slosh
walk walk walk
smile smile smile
wet wet wet
rain rain rain

. . .

...being there

Australia, Vietnam, India
Cuba, Italy, Italy
I've seen it all
warm smiles
and warm hearts
Old people with
squinty eyes
Squinty people with
old eyes
They accepted Master,
Visa, and American Express
they accepted US Dollars
they didn't accept me

. . .

...l'enfant cafe

sitting in a bar
It feels more like
a sad Valentines Day
than a rainy
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a bar
I am having a
pretty good time
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a bar
I am having another
happy but bored
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a
sitting in a bar

. . .


A Bulgarian girl so beautiful
I wanted to write a poem
about her, but didn't

She is one of the girls
I had already written
dreamed about
so many times

. . .

...the royal We

Welcome to the
Kingdom of I
We appreciate it
when you dismount
We appreciate it
when you walk
your bike
through the Shires
of I
the Kingdom of I
would like to
our deepest
at the loss
of your coinage
through your Holy
The Kingdom of
I me my
welcomes you
an announces
It has officially
become a me my
and is now
the Kingdom of I Me My

. . .

...a new pad

In the Beginning
Starting out the first few lines
of a new notebook
I wonder what the future holds
in store for it me us

. . .

...girls on bikes

I like yelling at
girls on bikes
Hey! Are you hot?
I can't see you you're
going too fast.
slow down ...
... if you're hot


Anonymous b. long said...

i think i know that bulgarian woman.

8:17 AM  

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