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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

Some Poems for Shopkeepers:

fucking idiots pretending there is something more to life than living

A thought

behind the counter

at the end

of the day

. . .

City Lights Take-Out

man at
the chinese
food restaurant puts
special fortunes in pick-ups
for "Mike's" Because he knows
How it is being the same
as everyone else.

. . .

Sitting on a desk

I listen to a japanese
girl sing softly in french
I close my eyes and
feel the sun on my face
I smell the fabric of my
cleaned shirt and feel my
new socks on my feet
I close my eyes and
feel the sun on my face
the music stops and
here come the clouds
my shirt becomes soiled
with odor and my
socks get crusty

. . .

Standing on a chair

Looking out over rooftops
across streets & over cars
and here comes a customer
(I'm cleaning frames)
back down here
he finally leaves
and I'm staring
face-to-face with the chimneys
I'm looking out and over
over the people and cars
of Conn Ave & 20th Street
an old man slows down
at the store front
will he bring me down?
no, he keeps on
Back over the city I
Stare into a construction site
and wait for customers


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