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Wednesday, October 25, 2006

From the Periphery, three and 60 seconds

getting VA fertilizer pesticide applicators licensed
a division of the empty page is filled by
a moor, the felco store-returns department
seeping out from under the silver grasses
the mud, peat, and bog,
we make our way through the dictionary and find
is this a stranger in my bed, every time I wake up?
kiss it, make it better
you can see every little inch
the package has arrived and all is not lost
i pretend i don't know him
g-o-p-n-i-k buys 60 gees bend quilt stamps
its around its around its around
spin spin spin
he is going to southeastern university for a master's degree
I met a guy from mali, outside the library
copper with punches and galvanized steel.
they locked the gates
I am only the organ, beating in my chest
johnny appleseed i knew it could only get worse
and I am realizing at this exact moment
a bird to break the silence
we are lost without a compass


Blogger mike said...

Are we all living the same life? Did you write this poem about my day?

8:34 AM  

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