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Monday, November 06, 2006

Yet more shopkeeper poems:

On a Warm November Day

Standing in the doorway
On a warm November day
I watch the walking masses
who travel past my way
They walk with coats
and bags on arms
and hats & boots &
but mostly what
my vision finds
the backs of hot
girls asses
. . .

to: Chad

Where's your hot friend Donna?
You say she's in L.A.

I wonder why she's going there
She already has a sister there

did I tell you I grew up there
and so her want to be there

is unclear to me
But one thing is for certain

and also facts are facts
if a girl goes there

with a that like that
and a face like that

she's bound to get a job
like that

. . .

While I'm Cutting 13 Boxes

I have a badass pair of scissors
that I think I'll kill you with
I've been cutting up big boxes
out beside the alley Dumpsters
and admiring these scissors
as they crunch and crunch
and crunch through
But a thought came to my mind
when my hand was cramping last
I could use these badass scissors
to stab right through your ass
Now I'm not extremely violent
and I have a normal past
but I'd love to see your bloody face
when I stab right through your ass


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