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Saturday, November 11, 2006

231st Marine Corps Birthday

It started after a quiet night
of darts & a couple beers
even a gallery opening
which I recall as another day
walking south on 18th through
the closing thursday night of bars
nearly trafficless

Across the street by the basketball court
a man is being beaten
me and my friend whose heart weighs 140lbs
of course we must help we must see
if this man is okay

The beaters beat it up the sidewalk
i grab the mans shoulder blood runs
from his head where he's been hit
but says he's okay
they come back down the sidewalk

One approaches me
two knock me out from behind
three kick me in the head
for I am unconscious around
five they tell me I may need surgery
at six they say I am okay
but I can't sleep with this neck brace

I owe a lot to the Polak
he went searching for the cops
his face was cracked and my head swollen
we were in DC and the authorities said
"You should pick your fights better"

That might not be right
but that's life I know
and today i'm one day older


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