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Monday, October 16, 2006

JdP poem variation #1

(umbra; eclipse) Totality of Path Variation No. 1
A cave in the dark that slowly consumes.

This is all they have, a hole in the earth-
The hearts begin to mold over, indistinct and heavy
There are no windows
There is no breeze

There are fragments of bicycles everywhere
There are grease marks on the walls
All the photos have been bent
All the Tupperware is stained red
Lies in wait, under the rocks, in the shadows
The turtle reluctantly grows and the Plecko

Shows nothing but neglect.
By a faint and persistent light
A rotting cabbage bouquet revealed
The grime is growing thicker.
Rust in the bathtub from the bobby pin abandoned
Dehumidifier red light on - full
Clothes pile everywhere


Blogger mike said...

!tekcirc-redips nekcirf a s'ti tuo kooL

11:27 AM  
Anonymous b.long said...

All the Tupperware?

3:45 PM  

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