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Friday, October 13, 2006


Sad, ignored, forgotten, never used.
Rejects of the blog folder.
Missed the boat, missed the train.
Missed the point.
Found a place. They can (D) C. (They were blind, they were lost.)
Amazing. Finding grace. Troubling her for a light.
The culture of science. The electrogronicalia and the flashing gizrotmalimos.
Banter and bound. Big beats and real big sounds.
Beach to the 'ville to the mountains, return to DC.
Nothing makes typing harder than doing it with your toes.
Word. Word of the state. Ward of the state. Weird of the state.
State of the word. Done. Figurolatimonix. Try it. Check out the effed placement of these effed boring pix. Snoring pix. I'm THE BORING PHOTOGRAPHER.


Blogger mike said...

you effing bastard

10:23 PM  
Blogger &rew said...


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