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Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Columbus Day Text Messages

Me to all: You Remind Me of Columbus.

Andrew Mokey: How's That?
Breck: Christopher?
Chris(school): What?
Corey Riggle: Thanks.
Gerry: What?
Jen Eggleston: How so?
Holly: The Explorer, I take it?
Carol Jean: What?
Jeremy: Call when you get a chance.
Jorge: Who are you.
Marc: why is that?
Matt(Level): Thanx!
Marissa Long: ?
Chris(school): explain urself
Holly: are u saying im a greedy imperialist or a visionary genius?
Rob Dorfmann: why
Richard R: green death, the new beer u queer?
Panama Rick: Christopher Columbus? I updated my blog check it out!
Nehemiah: What?
Alex(andra): How that is?
Chris Combs: Intrepid adventurer, a little crazy? They called me Christopher Columbus in Kindergarten. How's the who housing thing working out for you
Karl Fuchs: How so?
Casey Smith: You remind me of Amerigo Vespuci
Kevin Dietsch: Thank you now lets go kill some indians
AJ: What
KT Text: What
Andrew Bain: I'm sailing. Like Magellan.
Wendey Galietta: Gee, thanks.
Rachel Fick: Columbus is a jerkface.
Page: Columbus?
Eunice: Do i remind you of columbus? Ha ha is that my name? :-) How was your long weekend?

Me to all: Thank you for participating in my columbus day experiment.

Rob Dorfmann: No Problem
Richard R: No problem pinta
Carol Jean: OK then
Matt(Level): I think it is bs that we don't even get paid time and a half for this holiday.
Chris(school): ur a columbus day experiment
Karl Fuchs: You're welcome. Freak!
AJ: Do i get paid or are we beating the natives like christopher
KT Text: What are you talking about lol
KT Text: You're so random i love it
Panama Rick: Dude i am pretty sure columbus is oct 12
Page: Ha ha i wasn't celebrating. were u?


Blogger A.Sch_neck said...

i feel used

5:10 PM  
Anonymous laser said...

you were used

11:06 PM  
Blogger A.Sch_neck said...

Ah the moral delema of cell phone poetry. Is nothing sacred? I think I will go talk on my phone in church.

12:29 PM  
Blogger wendy said...

i can assume my check is in the mail.

7:01 PM  

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