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Thursday, December 28, 2006

Do you think I am
usually confused
or generally bewildered?


The reflection of you is my cellar.
Even if I close my eyes real, real tight
I still can't find a battery
for my flashlight.

Oh, to right sheepskin rafts
down the Yellow River.

Clementines unzip,
peel in one piece.
So, can't you tell me now?
Look at me at least?

I cry seeps dirt
I, ripe rain, fall

Dear Plato,
That last painting I wrote
wasn't about me.
How many times removed
is that?

You say:
"I don't believe in fairies.
Sorry, Tinkerbell."
yeah, just say that -
and leave me sick as hell.

Now I'm not really feeling so well.
But, if I need anything,
Do I just ring this little bell?

and if that little bell
don't sound
momma's gunna put me
6 feet underground


Blogger mike said...

You are tinkerbell!

8:16 PM  

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