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Wednesday, December 06, 2006

Commuting in the Capital

It's 7am I'm
splashing coffee
down the sink
and out the door
past the busstop
I check the papers
red my breath is
white the air is
blue a jogger
passes me but
I'll pass him
walking up the
hill past police
in the park past
my old place past
the place next
to my old place
by where I used
to run birds
yelling buses
bark two cars
are not courtious
as they corner
a metro employee
nearly hits me
crossing the walk
bolting across the
road I startle a
man reading the
paper in front of
7-11 I decide I
have enough time
to go in and get
nothing I smile
I see a woman who
is smiling we smile
at each other again
I see another woman
smiling I smile
at her
she stops
a dog walking
looks back
and growls?
I see Carlos
Jeremy crosses
the walk we
walk down the
hill as my nose
runs to work


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