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Sunday, August 31, 2008

notes from the night

Midnight Blues Cafe?
How's that Bud Lime
It's okay.
The Red Sox are playing
the White Sox
but does she like
Be creative.
I know What I'd
give her on her
What was that?
It was a Mich Ultra
Pomegranete Raspberry.

I'll chase you down
the street as
I see you walking
out of here.
What time does
the band start?
Right about 9-10.
What? like in an
no at 9:10.
Oh, I thought you
meant sometime
between 9 and 10.

I yawn too much I
have noticed I am
too tired I am in
no shape to be
playing hockey
I am lucky that
I am just sitting
here and yawning &
drinking this beer
& not playing
hockey getting
checked in my
face. (what does
"checked" mean?)

field hockey
got to find a girl
that plays field
way more hard
core than soccer.

Douche Bags!
from the
fucking real
Drive Thru
Open 24-Hrs


Blogger andrew said...

like this
because i like this
a lot

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