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Friday, March 28, 2008

Saved Subjects

We made progress: Hot clay tonight
Lindsey sucking vids: Jack Kent Cooke
Spring is finally here: Two on One

Gorgeous breasts & lips: Energy trading platforms
Unique gifts: Mount Vernon job openings
Jump on her twin peaks: Your new casino paradise

Life is short: Give her your everything
You’ve been granted access: Don’t need no help
Bang hard: Discount coupon on perfume

A couple of opportunities: Here’s one of the big ones
Need a gift idea: The color of trash
Tail galore at SM beach: Bracket managers

Your mailbox is almost full: Calling all galleries
Take control in bed: Two for one
You’ll never believe: Out of office reply

Artists for Jessica Alba: Power meets price
Participate in soccer orgies: Requesting Oxycontin volunteers
Wreckfest: My friend is coming to town

Digital prices: One day to score
Media specialists: Bikini spread solutions
Medication refill specialists: Ready to download

Clean energy open house: Summer sale to London
Letter of recommendation: The singing revolution
Just you & your rubber duckie: Don’t miss the savings

Our team of scientists: Topless photospread
At their liberal best: Tailored to your preference
This just in: A lunchbag presentation on going feral

Strategic planning meeting: Car rental offers
Impromptu cocktails: A lecture on Saudi Arabia
Hot memory deals: Christina Aguilera moaning

Perfectly crafted exclusive previews: The Embassy of Poland
Photography changes everything: No more independence
Minimalist concrete poetry: Spread the word

Reading in thirteen days: Presenting Snow Lovers
Thank you for your enquiry: Seduction of the Stone
Regalia nominations: Heather’s cupcakes


Blogger mike said...

"Snow Lovers?!" What kind of sick poem is this? I kick snow!

1:37 PM  

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