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D' Steel(e) Society of Poetics

A Society of Progressive Poets founded in Washington DC

Friday, February 15, 2008

Attn: Addressed Persons


Dear Patron of Mind Resistance,

The attacks have increased on the outer perimeter of our telekinetic shield. A brief breach broke through and resulted in some loss, attributed to physical devastation of the human shell. My punctured lung gives off a wheezy rattle, and burns are mapped across my left arm. Our location was given as a gift of treachery by an inside informant. Soviet-era satellites reactivated, dialing coordinates spanning the tropical eco-centers. Brain wave patterns echoed across the humid landscape, collecting at our location. Although the fight will continue, and increase in its difficulty, it is most important to remain focused.

Collection signals beam from the radio towers that play top forty hits. McDonald's hamburgers contain micro-receivers that bore into your cerebral base. Drew Carey's recent recruitment by the longtime mental slavery stalwart, "The Price is Right", is only more damning evidence. Bob Barker has gone underground in his attempts to infiltrate and poison the inner rankings of C.F.R.. These are just some of the most blatant and major efforts by these sinister entities to once and for all end our fight.

Stay on guard. Carry your mental cache with you at all moments. Decrease psychic wavelengths as to avoid detection. Spiral your telekinetic transmissions.

My mind is mine until the day I die.



Blogger mike said...

My mind is mine until the day I die.

3:46 AM  
Blogger jenn dp said...

cat fighting racoon, you are the origin.

5:08 PM  
Anonymous Anonymous said...

cfr sux

9:35 AM  

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