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Monday, December 10, 2007

120807 Saturday Night in Augusta Maine

the inside of
the olde beale
street bbq is
modified so
that it doesn't
damage the
historic warehouse/
industrial interior.
The bar's only
separation from
the dining area
(I am the only one
at the bar), is
its direction (
the dining area
is filled
). I am sitting
eating, writing,
no not writing,
reading, eating,
writing, leaving
have one more
drink and leaving
pay for the last
one in cash around
$1 tip is 20 percent

when life gives
you lemons
at the olde
beale street bbq
in augusta maine

Lemonade made
every glass

where is
riverfront bbq?

Only blocks from
my house, after
the steps
several brews on
tap most made in
Maine because it's
hard & it's easy
to get away
in Maine


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